Shop handmade, artisanal & local products online!

Bringing South Africans closer to our own designers, makers, crafters & artisans with our online craft shop!

A traditional market is a place of wonder. A place where local artists are able to share their talents and stories. A place to explore and discover. That is why markets never lose their appeal. Because they are able to connect communities with quality goods lovingly made by hand, and vice versa.

We want to keep the connection going well past market day.

Introducing: The Marketplace! The Marketplace is an online craft shop for local designers, crafters and artisans to make their quality handmade arts and crafts, skincare, clothing, accessories, unique gifts, house and garden items as well as gourmet foods, delicatessen, preserves and farm fresh produce accessible to South Africans everywhere.

We are all about celebrating our artists and farmers, designers and crafters and do this by providing them with an online craft shop to browse local, eco-friendly and seasonal products that have been tried and tested.

We are your word-of-mouth market!