Handmade small to big grocery carry bag

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Reusable and always at hand.

The best alternative to the plastic bags or chunky carrying bags

Rethink Pocket bags1

This tiny little pocket bag turns into a proper 12kg carry bag just like that, and back again. Reusable.

Put these bags in your handbag without clogging for space and have them ready and handy whenever you need them,.

So next time you go shopping, rather use one of your own clean bags that looks good too.  Available in different colors made with Shweshwe cottom.

The inside bags are made of kite or parachute fabric. The color and fabric vary.

WeightPocket dimensionsCarry capacityCarry bag dimensions
30g         8 x 12 x 2 cm12 kg40 x 45 cm
1 ounce3 x 5 x 1"26 lbs16" x 18"
Rethink Pocket bags:
Lightweight and small enough to put 2 in your handbag.

Rethink Bags was born in late 2017 for two main reasons. The first is a deep desire to assist young women who have not had OPPORTUNITIES to finish school and study further. The...

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