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Why not buy the love of your life a unique gift that’s made with love and care? The MarketPlace·Shop offers a selection of men’s gifts that aren’t found in too many retail outlets in South Africa. These range from a choice of quality wooden watches, distinctive rings and grooming products made from fresh, natural ingredients.


Unique rings for men


The symbolic meaning of rings dates back thousands of years and the cultural differences are diverse and fascinating. Men’s rings were symbols of wealth and power during historic periods where the majority of people around the world lived in poverty. Later, men’s rings came to represent love, commitment and dedication to a loving partner, family or fraternal connection.

You’ll find a selection of expertly crafted rings at The MarketPlace·Shop that are unique and a welcome change from what everyone else is wearing. They’re made using tungsten; with intricate designs ranging from cork wood and rosewood inlays to layers of gunmetal grey, black-coated and brushed tungsten.

Tungsten is an ideal metal for wedding rings because it’s so durable. High-quality tungsten can easily withstand any amount of heat and pressure which makes it perfect for every day, hardwearing use.


Unique watches for men


Eco-friendly and uber-trendy are two phrases you could use to describe the selection of men’s watches on offer at The MarketPlace·Shop. Wooden watches came into fashion scene a few years ago and are as popular today as they were in the beginning. Handmade wooden watches speak volumes of your personal style and set the trend in fashion accessories.

These handmade watches are treasured pieces. Each watch is made through an intricate and lengthy process which involves a combination of machine milling and sanding and trimming by hand. The wooden watches are put together delicately by hand by an expert watch craftsman.


Handmade pipes


You’ll find a selection of handcrafted tobacco pipes on offer at The MarketPlace·Shop that are exquisitely made and designed to last a lifetime. Eberhart’s Pipes produce the finest quality tobacco pipes that are made by a highly-skilled pipe master and crafted using quality wood that’s usually more than 30 years old.

There’s a fascinating art to making the perfect pipe that smokes dry and cool and facilitates airflow that makes smoking easy and smooth. Each pipe is individually crafted, drawing on Eberhart’s 25 years’ experience in pipe making. Someone who appreciates the luxury of pipe smoking will appreciate the elegance and beauty of Eberhart’s pipes.


Grooming products for men


The grooming gifts for men found on our site are made from organic ingredients, using the finest blends of oil and enriched with vitamin E to promote healthy skin and hair growth. Products available range from beard oil and balm to beard washes, combs, shampoos and body cream.


Handmade suede shoes and leather products for men


South Africans love their veld shoes but we’ve long since moved away from the boring old David Kramer ‘vellies’. The MarketPlace·Shop stocks a range of soft suede shoes and leather products for men that are unique and trendy. This includes the classic Chelsea boots and handmade vellies with coloured soles.

Vellies (pronounced ‘fell-ys’) are South African slang for bushveld shoes known as ‘veldskoene’ (pronounced ‘felt-skoona’). They are made from vegetable-tanned leather or soft rawhide uppers attached to a leather footbed and rubber sole without tacks and nails. They were first made in the 17th century by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa.




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Are wooden rings durable?

Yes, our wooden rings on offer on The MarketPlace•Shop elevate wood’s natural beauty within a durable tungsten frame.

What to get someone that likes camping?

Campers always needs a bag to store something for their trip, or during their camping excursion. At TheMarketplace•Shop we have a bag for everything that they will need on their camping trip.

Where can I buy a wooden watch?

The MarketPlace•Shop is a leading online gift shop in South Africa. We offer a wide selection of the best handmade wooden watches at affordable prices.

Where to buy men’s grooming kits?

The MarketPlace•Shop is a leading online gift shop in South Africa. We offer the best handmade men’s grooming kits at affordable prices.

Whether you are looking for a Birthday Gift, Father’s Day Gift of just a gift for someone special in your life, we offer a wide range of must have gifts and products to choose from.

Where to buy tobacco pipes online?

With more than 20 pipes to choose from, The Marketlace•shop have one of the largest selections of tobacco pipes in South Africa.

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