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The MarketPlace·Shop offers a selection of fabulous handmade homeware and décor items made by enterprising artisans in South Africa. These range from unique lighting gifts to kitchen gifts, blankets, dining and décor items.

We are endlessly amazed at the creativity of the artists and artisans of South Africa that we come across on a daily basis. We’re particularly impressed by those that turn throwaway items into treasured pieces. As they say someone’s trash is another’s treasure and recycling old goods into something beautiful and practical appeals to us hugely at The MarketPlace·Shop.

What also appeals to us about supporting the handmade arts and craft industry in South Africa is the vital role it plays in uplifting people in impoverished communities that would otherwise never have the opportunity to better their lives.


What we love about handmade homeware and décor


Recycling ‘trash’ to create treasured items


At The MarketPlace·Shop, you’ll find a selection of handmade steel and copper lighting gifts made by companies such as Ferroschmied and Exquizit Home Décor. Many of these precious bedside and standing lamps are made from discarded, obsolete products that have been retrieved and new life breathed into them.

You’ll find lighting gifts made from salvaged engines, power machines and paraffin blow torches as well as rustic bedside lamps made combining re-claimed copper piping with plexiglass inlay filled with crushed blue mussel shells. The creativity is outstanding and the handcrafted lamps are unique one-of-a-kind items that become talking pieces in any modern home.


Providing opportunities to learn and lead better lives


In this world of mass merchandising, it’s wonderful to find handmade gifts that are unique and meaningful. The handmade homeware and décor gifts in our range at The MarketPlace·Shop are not only quality items but more often than not, there’s a personal, meaningful story behind the company that produces the products.

Take Rethink Bags for instance, who make the lovely aprons and reusable bags we sell on our website. This is a successful business that evolved from someone’s deep desire to assist young women in a farming region who have not had the opportunity to finish school and study further.

These ladies learn sewing skills that stand them in good stead to earn a good living for their family. At the same time, the team of seamstresses are trained in important business skills such order taking, client communication, computer skills and basic financial management skills.

Blankets from Africa who create the gorgeous handmade blankets sold on The MarketPlace·Shop is another such valuable enterprise. The company is based in the Karoo which is notorious for having an alarmingly high unemployment rate and remains the poorest region in South Africa. As you can imagine, job creation is vital for the local community. Blankets from Africa not only produce beautiful blankets, they offer a network of rural knitters the opportunity to support their families.

Employing and empowering people plays a vital role in sustaining communities and offering people an opportunity to improve their lives and live with hope and dignity. That’s why the handmade homeware and décor items in our range are so much more than pretty and practical pieces. They make a difference to our environment and the people of South Africa.




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