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Herbal teas are packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and offer a wealth of health benefits. If you’re run down, stressed or depressed, suffering from joint pain or battling to shake off common colds and flu or worse, suffering from a more serious chronic illness; it’s a good time to switch your usual caffeine-boosted coffee or tea brand for a quality herbal tea.

For centuries, herbal teas have been revered for their undisputed medicinal properties but unfortunately, with our busy, modern lifestyles, they’re often pushed out of sight and mind and replaced by addictive sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages.

Let’s revisit the natural health benefits of drinking natural, home-produced herbal teas on a daily basis and it might be just what you need to make the change. You’ll find a selection of handmade herbal tea products at The MarketPlace•Shop and there’s something for every condition; from detoxing and cleansing your kidneys to boosting your immune system and relieving joint pain.




Lowers your blood pressure

If you’re suffering from dangerously high blood pressure or blood pressure that spikes for different reasons; a herbal tea packed with phenols and flavonoids is just what you need. High blood pressure can badly damage your heart and kidneys and can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated early.

A popular choice to reduce high blood pressure is Green Rooibos tea with lemongrass. It contains chysoeriol which helps reduce cholesterol and improves blood circulation.


Improves your digestion

The enzymes in herbal tea help to breakdown fatty acids in your system and help to speed up how fast your stomach is emptied. This helps improve your digestion system by reducing stomach inflammation, indigestion, bloating and vomiting.


Boosts your immunity system

Herbal tea is packed with vitamins and antioxidants which your body needs to fight infections and diseases. Natural herbal enzymes protect your system against oxidative stress and helps to reduce your risk of contracting a chronic disease. For the best results, choose a herbal range that contains elderberry, ginger, liquorice roots or echinacea.


Regulates your blood sugar levels

Herbal tea has a powerful ability to lower blood sugar levels. Any natural green tea does the best job. Green tea is particularly useful for diabetics who are not yet dependent on insulin but need help to manage elevated blood sugar levels.


Natural detox to improve the health of your kidneys

Drinking herbal tea on a regular basis is good for your kidney function because it helps to flush them out and naturally detoxifies your important organs. Dandelion tea is an excellent choice if you’re battling with kidney problems because it contains the active ingredient phytonutrient which helps purge your system of free radicals and dangerous toxins.


Reduces painful inflammation

Herbal tea has been drunk for centuries to help alleviate symptoms associated with arthritis as well to ease general joint pain and help reduce painful swelling. Ginger tea is the most popular herbal tea used to reduce rheumatic inflammation and provides welcome relief from general aches and pains.


Relieves cold and flu symptoms

The best herbal teas to drink if you’re suffering from a sore throat, blocked nose or racking cough contain either the elder tree herb or thyme. These two herbs have excellent medicinal properties and help clear up congestion and relieve common cold and flu symptoms that cause pain and discomfort.


Helps with nausea and vomiting

Drink warm herbal tea if you’re feeling nauseous or have been vomiting. Ginger tea is particularly useful if you’re pregnant and suffering from constant nausea and vomiting or if you’re undergoing chemotherapy and are suffering from the terrible side effects.


Improves the health of your skin

Herbal tea that contains rooibos, spearmint or chamomile can be used to relieve painful inflammation associated with acne and helps to improve the overall health of your skin. These natural ingredients contain prized antioxidants and have antibacterial properties.


Slows down the aging process

Aging is inevitable but you can slow down the affects of aging by drinking herbal tea that’s rich in antioxidants. Herbal teas prevent damage caused by free radicals which accelerate the aging process. The natural healing powers of herbal tea make your skin and hair look more radiant and youthful.


Helps relieve anxiety and symptoms of depression

Herbal tea is the perfect choice to relieve stress and anxiety because natural herbal ingredients have a therapeutic effect that helps to keep you calm. In fact, chamomile tea has been used for centuries by naturalists as a mild anti-depressant because chamomile is known to stimulate serotonin levels in the body.

Herbal tea containing valerian which helps with insomnia brought on by high stress levels. It’s Mother Nature’s alternative to valium because the natural herb helps calm you down and reduces feelings of tension and anxiety.




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