Artisan chocolate Nut Collection

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Fourteen of the best tasting chocolates ever! 

Most amazing flavours like:

Coffee and Krokant flavoured chocolates

Toffee and Macadamia flavoured chocolates

Pecan Mousse flavoured chocolates

Pistachio flavoured chocolates

Caramel and Nut flavoured chocolates

Amaretti flavoured chocolates

Hazelnut Praline flavoured chocolates

We don't send deliveries over weekends. We do not want them to sit in the courier warehouse over a weekend. These are very special chocolates made by a very well known Chocolaterie. They have been presented on national television multiple times before. These chocolates are hand made, crafted is a better word. They are not the ordinary temperature resistant kind that you get at your local retail store that sort of melt in your mouth. They are the real thing and need special packaging. We do not want it to sit in the courier warehouse over a weekend.

The ultimate in chocolate indulgence -the very best handcrafted praline

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