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They say happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate and don’t we all know that? There’s nothing like the sweet taste of chocolate to brighten your day. Of course, there is chocolate and then there is artisan chocolate. If you’re a chocolate fundi, you’ll know which one is worth waiting for.

The MarketPlace•Shop sells a range of the best handcrafted pralines and truffles found in South Africa. These specialty chocolates are made by La Chocolaterie Rococo and are the ultimate chocolate indulgence. They’re made using the finest organic cocoa butter which is sourced from Belgium and the other ingredients are sourced locally from organic farmers.

Handmade fine chocolate is known as artisan chocolate and here’s a little bit of information on what makes them special.




An artisan is a skilled crafts person who creates products partly or entirely by hand. Artisan chocolate is gorgeous chocolate made by a chocolatier by hand and with care. It’s not mass produced and is made with high-quality natural ingredients, giving it a taste that is truly authentic.

The handcrafted chocolate is made using pure cocoa butter, usually from sustainable cocoa sources from around the world.




Handmade chocolate goes through a meticulous production process, starting with carefully melting the precious cocoa butter and then mixing it with layers of fresh organic ingredients. The best thing about artisan chocolate is it is free of preservatives. The end result is a beautifully-crafted chocolate that is made of the finest ingredients and tastes exquisite.

The artisan process involves roasting, winnowing, grinding, pressing, conching, tempering and molding. It’s a rigorous and time-consuming process which is why handmade chocolate is typically more expensive than the regular chocolate brands you buy in the shops.




There are two kinds of artisan chocolates: dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a high percentage of cocoa butter, between 70 to 90%. Milk chocolate is lighter on cocoa, containing between 35 to 65% of the butter.




If you’re a chocoholic and can’t live without your daily fix, you’ll be happy to know that artisan chocolate is healthy and organic. A quality handmade chocolate is free of preservatives, gluten free and made using the finest organic cocoa butter.

Dark chocolate is suitable for people with a dairy intolerance because it is free of milk fat. Cocoa butter sounds like a dairy product but it’s actually the fatty portion of the cocoa bean from the cocoa tree. Artisan milk chocolate has less cocoa butter and contains milk fat or solids to give it its creamy, light flavour.

Dark artisan chocolate is also suitable because it contains no animal fat, in other words milk fat from a cow. The finest dark chocolate is essentially a plant-based food but check the ingredient label on the packaging to make sure milk fat hasn’t been added.




Handmade chocolate made from fine cocoa beans are stored differently from regular mass-produced chocolates. They need to be stored in a sealed container in a cool and dry place to avoid condensation on the surface of the chocolate. Condensation draws out the sugar from the chocolate and changes its taste.

Stored in a sealed container such as Tupperware or a Ziplock bag, fine specialty chocolate can last for months (if you can avoid the temptation of eating it).

Regular chocolate can be stored in the fridge but this is not recommended for handmade fine chocolate. Apart from the cold temperature that will affect the chocolate, the fine product will absorb any strong odors in the fridge such as onions and garlic. Ideally, specialty chocolate should be stored at temperatures ranging from 16°C to 22°C




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