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The MarketPlace•Shop supports the farm-to-table movement and is constantly on the lookout for farm-to-table gifts that are natural, organic and farm fresh. We like the idea that we know exactly where the produce comes from and that it’s guaranteed to be natural and healthy for our buyers.

Farm-to-table is a phrase that you’ll hear about more and more these days. It means different things to different people but basically it refers to food on your table that comes directly from a farm that produces homegrown products.

You can call it farm-to-restaurant or farm-to-shop. Some people call it farm-to-fork. It’s the same thing as locally-grown and ‘fresh from the farm’. The farm-to-table movement has imploded in recent years where people are sourcing locally-grown produce that is more natural or organic products and comes from sources they can trust.

The most important thing about the growing farm-to-table movement is people are becoming more aware and better educated on the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health benefits of consuming farm-fresh products.

Buying direct from a farm - or from a shop that buys directly from a farm - not only means you know where the produce comes from, how it’s produced and how natural and fresh it is; it also ensures much-needed money goes towards supporting a local business.

Farm-to-table is not necessarily a traditional farms. It could be a micro-brewery or winery, a flower grower or a herbalist. It can even be a homemaker who bakes cakes and pastries or a homecook who makes homecooked meals or edibles. The farm-to-table concept means you can trace the origin of the product and how it got from the producer to the consumer.

A popular place to buy homegrown, farm-fresh produce is from a farmer’s market or from a local store that buys directly from a farm. Farm-to-table produce is seasonal which means you get what’s in season, not food that has travelled from an overseas farming enterprise and has sat in cold storage for a few weeks.

Buying directly from a farmer cuts out the middleman and this cuts out the middleman’s markup on the price. The farmer makes money and you get a cost saving. On top of that, you get all the health benefits from quality produce that is farm fresh.

Don’t be fooled by stores who market their produce as ‘farm fresh’ when in fact it’s been bought from a distributor and not direct from the farmers. The real test is to ask the greengrocer where the company bought the produce from and if they can’t give you those details, the store can’t sell you the farm-to-table promise.


What is driving the farm-to-table movement?


The farm-to-table movement is growing on the back of increasing consumer demand for shops and distributors to be more ethical in terms of food production. Social media has played a role in educating consumers on the benefits of the table-to-farm concept and consumers are playing a more active role in ensuring the food that is served at their tables meets environmental, economic and social expectations.

There are three good reasons to support the farm-to-table movement:


Carbon footprint

The further the food you eat comes from, the greater its carbon footprint. The carbon footprint of food - or foodprint – refers to the greenhouse gas emissions produced by growing, rearing, farming, processing, transporting, storing, cooking and disposing of the food you eat.


Community upliftment

One of the driving forces of the farm-to-table movement is the need to support local communities who in turn, support their families and their dependents. By dependents we mean the people who work for them and depend on them for their livelihood.

It makes good economic sense to support local growers because it means our hard-earned Rands stay in the community - or on a larger scale - in the country.


Health benefits

Farm-fresh produce is healthier than processed and packaged foods. It should contain less sugar, fewer calories and carbohydrates.

Food that travels from long distances does not have as many nutrients as farm-fresh food. The produce is often picked before it’s ripe and dry-frozen to stop it from spoiling. This reduces its nutritional value. Farm-fresh produce also tastes better than mass-produced foods because its allowed to ripen naturally.




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