Frequently Asked Questions

Who and what is

We are a group of people who make different things but sell as one. If you love craft as opposed to factory then you know that the only place to find such treasures is at your local flea market. Either that or try and hunt them down, one by one on the internet. Yes, strolling around at the flea market is super relaxing, but it is not always convenient is it. TheMarketplace.SHOP is convenient and inspiring. We have beautiful stuff and we keep on adding more every week as more vendors join in.

How do I buy products on

Like you do at any other online shop. Pick your product, fill in your address and pay with your card or EFT.

Why must I make use of to advertise my handmade products?

First of all, this is a super cost-effective way to get your product beautifully listed and paid for on the internet. Secondly, even if you have an online shop you will find it extremely difficult to get shoppers off the information superhighway and into your shop.

The proven best way to sell your products on the internet is to find a niche website that identifies with your thinking. After all, that is the meaning of brands – why they make, not that they make. Come stand on the shoulders of like minded giants. We a community, not a corporation.

How do I sell my products on

Hmm, we are a bid touchy on this one – you have to apply first.

What products can I sell on

Beautiful, ship-able non-mass produced goods and even services or bookable events.

Can I buy bulk to sell in my own shop?

Yes, but the default courier costs is not optimized for bulk orders. Send us an email for a quote. [email protected].

Why not just selling on another more well-known website?

Selling on Overcrowded commercial website stores are not ideal either, your creations will get lost between the big sellers who pay to be seen.

How does it work if I order from more than one vendor?

Extra courier costs will be added. Our vendors are located all over the country and they are the ones who will pack and send you your order from wherever they are. It is wonderful that you discover beautiful things you like to buy but it does have the disadvantage of having to pay the courier costs for each vendor order separately.

Can I contact the vendor of the product directly?

Yes, you can send the relevant vendor a message from the product page


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