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Apart from all the good reasons listed below, take a moment and appreciate that these products are not cold factory made 'stuff'. They are not clones.

The MarketPlace·Shop prides itself in supporting local artists and artisans who produce affordable, quality handmade products that are unique and Proudly South African. On this page, you’ll find a mix of products that are ‘Made to order’ or once-off homemade products made by the highly talented and creative people in our country.

They make perfect special design gifts for friends or family or are something special for your own home, and each item puts something back into our local community. More importantly, we provide a marketing platform which ensures their one-of-a-kind special creations do not disappear in the cluttered social media environment.


Buy local


“Buying local” is a growing international trend that encourages people to be more community-conscious and in so doing, support our domestic economy. It’s a known fact small businesses play a vital role in creating jobs and enriching local communities, particularly those that suffer from heartbreakingly-high unemployment levels.

The concept of ‘shopping small’ is a mindset that takes time to adopt but is extremely worthwhile. Instead of heading to the nearest large shopping mall and buying mass-merchandised products made in foreign countries; take the time to search online on a site like The MarketPlace·Shop and find a special gift that’s made with love and care by someone local.

The industrial revolution virtually eliminated what they call ‘cottage industries’ as consumers got caught up in buying mass-produced merchandise. In recent years, we’ve seen a significant swing in the opposite direction as consumers opt more and more for unique, homemade and personal products that are made with love and care.


Why it’s important to support local businesses


Small business enterprises (SMEs) contribute almost 40 percent of South Africa’s GDP and employ around 60 percent of the workforce. The National Development Plan predicts that 90 percent of all new jobs will be within an SMME by 2030.

‘Buying local’ and thus supporting small businesses in our communities enables these enterprises to increase the number of jobs created which in turn creates an entrepreneurial ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs and communities to thrive.

There’s an inherent risk to starting up and growing a small local business and it’s a mark of respect for their endeavours when we consciously choose to ‘buy local’. It also means that we ‘keep the cash’ in our communities and prevent our hard-earned money from leaking out of our economy where foreign manufacturers benefit and our local communities lose out.

Small businesses tend to employ less staff than the large retail outlets and this usually means the service they deliver is personalised and generally warmer and friendlier. Problems and queries are dealt with quickly because small business appreciate the value of building relationships to secure their future.


Upskilling local communities


Local artists and artisans are in a unique position to train and upskill people in the local community who generally have no other means of learning new skills. Small teams are exposed to day-to-day business management issues which is a valuable means of upskilling individuals.

Upskilling local artists and artisans might involve on-the-job computer, financial and communication skills training that they wouldn’t get otherwise in a large business or busy factory. Someday in the future these individuals might use the business know-how and working experience to start and run their own community enterprises.


Competitive prices


Local artists and artisans generally sell their unique products at very competitive prices. They don’t need to add a massive markup on their wares to accommodate high rental costs that their peers in the large retail outlets are forced to pay.

Marketing handmade special design goods on a site like The MarketPlace·Shop helps a small business keep their marketing costs down and each one benefits from the time, effort and money we invest in search engine optimisation (SEO). This is a new-age concept in the revolutionary era of social media, which ensures our website can be found quickly and easily on a search engine such as Google.


Make informed decisions


Another key issue that drives ‘buying local’ is it allows you to make informed decisions about the goods you buy. In other words, you can make a socially-conscious decision to buy a product made from natural, organic ingredients that you can trust are not harmful to yourself and the environment, or support an artist or artisan who sources environmentally-friendly and sustainable goods and materials.


Shop with us and help grow small businesses in South Africa


The best thing about buying online at The MarketPlace·Shop is you’re supporting a local artist or artisan who in turn is supporting people in their local community. We’re proud to provide a platform that the creative and inspiring people of South Africa can use to bring unique products made with love and care to the marketplace. Your support is invaluable and together we can do more for the people of South Africa.




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