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We love gardening and love following trends on what’s new for gifts for avid gardeners. The MarketPlace·Shop is putting together a range of handmade products for gardeners so keep a watch out for what we have in store for you.

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In the meantime, let’s have a look at some great handmade garden gift ideas that are always popular. They don’t cost much and take very little time to create if you’re thinking of making the gift yourself.


Succulents in a pot


The best thing about succulents is they are low maintenance. They don’t need to be watered too often and need very little attention. This makes them perfect for busy friends and family who only need to spray them with mist from water in a spray bottle to keep them alive. Succulents come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures and when you combine a few varieties, you get a very interesting arrangement.


Herbs in a pot


Herbs in a pretty pot are great for garden lovers who also love to cook. You can put one herb in each pot or a combination of herbs in one container that have the same water and light requirements. Popular herbs that do well in pots include basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, lemongrass, chili and Italian parsley. A great idea is to attach a recipe for one or more of your favourite dishes that use the herbs in the pot you’ve given as a unique garden gift.


Colourful flowers in a pot


Not everybody is born with ‘green fingers’ and some of us do better starting small with colourful flowers in a pot. Flowers in pots bring colour into your home and they can be switched around for different seasons and effects. Popular flowers for pots includes pansies, petunias and verbenas. They can also be planted out in the garden when they get bigger.


Poinsettia in a pot for the festive season


Poinsettias are bright red and make gorgeous centre pieces for a Christmas table. A poinsettia in a pot is a great alternative to the usual smellies and bottles of wines we bring to Christmas parties and they last a long time. Your friend or family member will get a lot of joy from a poinsettia in a pot long after the busy festive season has ended.


Solar garden lights


With loadshedding headaches in South Africa, the gift of beautiful solar lights for a garden is a great idea. Solar lights absorb energy from the sun during the day which creates beautiful light in your garden once the sun goes down. Solar lights can be used to light up dark areas in a garden or light up a garden or entrance path. They can also be dotted around the garden in flower beds. The person you give garden solar lights to will thank you for helping save electricity.


Craft paint for uplifting pots


Craft paint is an excellent medium to use to rejuvenate and uplift old, tired plant and flower containers. You can have fun painting your old containers which you can fill with plants or colourful flowers for a wonderful garden gift or you can give your friend or family member a selection of small tins of colourful chalk paint so they can do it as their own project. It’s a great garden gift to get friends and family into the spirit of recycling and reusing things that they already have in their home.




A terrarium is like a mini garden in a glass container. It contains soil and a selection of plants that are either placed in a sealable glass jar or have an opening that exposes the plants to the atmosphere. Terrariums are great fun to make, particularly if you’re looking for something to do with your kids. The plants used for terrariums are usually succulents which also makes them a low maintenance garden gift to give to friends and family.


Starter growing kits


You can make your own starter growing kit to give as a garden gift or buy a readymade one. They are great for friends and family who love to cook with herbs and fresh vegetables, and also great for kids who have shown an early interest in gardening. A starter kit would include a pretty container, potted soil, a gardening tool, small watering bucket and a selection of seeds for chillies, herbs or vegetables.


Bonsai trees


A beautiful bonsai tree is a great gift for someone who lives in an apartment and doesn’t have a garden or someone elderly who lives in a retirement home and misses gardening in their own garden. Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art form using specialised cultivation techniques to produce small trees in small containers that mimic the shape and scale of a full-size tree. You can study the ancient art of bonsai and produce your own or you can buy one that has been lovingly nurtured by a bonsai expert.


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