Sun dye leave pack - Reds

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Pack of Ten 25x25cm (10"x10") ready cut sun dyed fabrics.

 The special light-sensitive dyes do their work over a couple of hours, and only when the leaves are removed can one see how the sunlight has affected the fabric.

All our exotic and colourful fabrics are handmade, 

Pru and her team work only on the hottest days, with no wind to disturb the leaves. 

For this reason, each fabric is unique and as such can never be reproduced exactly. 

That is what makes Langa Lapu so very special.

(Due to varying colour capabilities of computer screens, some colours my differ from the actual product.)

It is a totally hands-on affair. From the collection of leaves, seedpods and ferns, to the laying out of the fabric on the grass and the designing – there is a distinct lack of...

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