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Hobbies come in all forms. There’s gardening, photography, painting, sewing, knitting and, of course, building puzzles. Hobbies bring joy and enrich your lives in more ways than you might realise. They keep you busy and take your mind off things that are stressful or worrisome, and they teach you new skills which makes life more interesting.

For many people, a favourite hobby builds confidence and self-esteem because a shared hobby is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. More importantly, a hobby helps you find balance in your life so it’s not all work and no play.

The Marketplace•Shop has a great selection of gifts for hobby addicts but our favourite are the 3D laser- cut puzzle models that are a great alternative to flat jigsaw puzzles. Once you or your children have built one of the models, it can be painted and displayed on a shelf.


If you love jigsaw puzzles as much as we do at The Marketplace•Shop, you’re in good company. We’ve dug up a list of famous people who also love jigsaw puzzles.


Hugh Jackman, the gorgeous Aussie who plays Wolverine from the X-Men, is a well-known for his jigsaw puzzle antics. He’s lived streamed himself on Instagram building a huge 1 500 piece puzzle which he then instantly broke up into pieces. He calls it his “pleasure and pain”.

Norman Cook who goes by the stage name Fatboy Slim is a famous English DJ, musician and record producer. When he split up from his wife, he used jigsaw puzzles to get him through the devastating break up. Fatboy Slim says puzzles helped calm him down, clear his mind and helped him reach a state of mindfulness.

The cool, hip rocker of the 60s Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones would always have a collection of jigsaw puzzles with him when he was touring with his band. Wood says puzzles helped with boredom and kept his mind sharp.

Dame Margaret Drabble, the esteemed novelist and biographer, credits jigsaw puzzles with saving her sanity during a very stressful period in her life when she was too distracted to read or write. Drabble says she found solace in puzzles because they gave her “an illusion of control”.

Bill Gates, who could afford any expensive gadget in the world, prefers working on jigsaw puzzles when he’s away on holiday. Gates says puzzles are what he liked doing best to spend relaxing, quality time with his family.

At Buckingham Palace, you’ll find certain members of the royal family huddled around a jigsaw puzzle when their royal duties are over. Queen Elizabeth has said herself that jigsaw puzzles are one of her most favourite things to do when she wants to relax. And just like us, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor are said to love puzzles ‘with whimsies’.

Whimsies are the type of 3D laser-cut puzzles you find on The Marketplace•Shop which are crafted into a recognisable shape like a model plane, car, boat or house. The original Victorian puzzle cutters added add-on pieces on a whim which is where the term ‘whimsy’ comes from.

Keep coming back to The Marketplace•Shop to see what new gifts we’ve got for hobby addicts. In this crazy, busy world of ours, spending time doing something that you love is just what you need to restore balance in your life.



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