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The wooden, handcrafted watches in our jewelry are unique and on trend. Homemade wedding rings are hugely popular, mainly because the attention and feeling the ring maker infuses into each ring carries over into the personal meaning they have for a married couple. Touchwood sells a range of tungsten and titanium wooden-inlay wedding rings on our site that are made to perfection.

Tungsten is one of the toughest metals found in nature and titanium is extremely strong and lightweight. The perfect combination of robust steel and elegant wood creates a striking wedding ring that you will cherish.

Scarves and shawls


The gorgeous handmade scarves and shawls found on our site are created using a traditional Nuno felting technique that was developed in the early 1990s by Polly Stirling, a fiber artist from Australia. The artist, Catrien Kreatief, adds her own creative touch. Nuno is the Japanese word for cloth.

The technique bonds loose fibre (usually wool) into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze, creating a lightweight felt. The fibre can completely cover the background fabric or is used as a decorative design. Several layers of Nuno felt build up colour and texture. The result is a beautiful lightweight scarf or shawl that’s unique and eye-catching.



Martha Stewart made homemade brooches popular with her DIY videos. She says they can add glitz and glamour to a simple outfit and we couldn’t agree with her more. A few simple stitches - back stitch, French knot and split stitch - and some colourful beads, buttons and glitter have created the eye-catching brooches found on The Marketplace•Shop. They’re unique and something different to brighten up your outfit.


The good news is watches are coming back into fashion. Smartphones pushed them to one side for a while but people are enjoying wearing watches again, mostly because they are more than just useful to tell the time.

A classic watch is not only a trendy fashion accessory, it’s a statement of your own personal style. It’s also more convenient and polite to glance at your watch, than to pull out your cell phone to check the time. Watches are often sentimental; inherited from someone special or a gift from your loved ones.

The affordable wooden watches sold on The Marketplace•Shop take stylish watches to the next level with their organic look and excellent craftmanship. They’re different, eye-catching and something to cherish for a long time.

Women’s shoes


The good old South African veldskoens (bush shoes) are all the rage now. You’ll find them on the streets of Johannesburg, London, New York and Sydney in funky colours and styles. The iconic Khoisan-inspired hunting boots have been worn by South African farmers and game rangers for over four decades but they only came in shades of brown and in one shape. Now they’re a trendy hit everywhere and for everyone.

The makers of veldskoens introduced new colours into the range and ‘chic vellies’ that were tailored to be more stylish and feminine so women would enjoy wearing them. Suddenly pink, red and blue ‘vellies’ hit the market and everyone went crazy for them. The Marketplace • Shop offers women’s shoes suitable for the outdoors in lovely colours or you can opt for the recognisable ‘vellie’ colour with a coloured sole.

Handmade leather accessories


There’s something wonderful and nostalgic about receiving a handmade leather handbag or purse. The natural leather smell evokes memories of olden days when gifts were real and authentic. The beauty of handmade leather accessories is they’re extremely durable which makes them long-lasting. A leather handbag never goes out of fashion which make them a timeless investment. If you look after your leather handbag, it’ll last a long time.

Today, leather bags come in many different natural colours and styles and are elegant fashion pieces. Over time, they become almost ‘lived in’ and take on a gorgeous soft, weathered feel. To top it off, handmade leather accessories are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Hats for sale

South Africa has a hot and sunny climate so hats are our thing. If you’re bored with the regular peaks you find in retail shops, you’ll love the affordable quirky hats sold on The Marketplace•Shop. They’re made from funky fabric or plain with fun wording, and the best part is they’re reversible.

The style of our hats is known as the ‘bucket hat’ which was made famous in the South African pop culture by Kwaito 90’s dance groups like Trompies and Pantsula. It has a wide, downward-sloping brim which makes them more suitable for sun protection than a peak, which is why they’re so popular for kids and young teens.

Fabric carrybags and holdalls

Fabric handprinted bags are not only fashionable, they’re super practical. You can use them for everything from a baby bag to beach bag and shopping bag. The ones you find on The Marketplace•Shop are so pretty, they’re the perfect replacement for a handbag. The handprinted designs are uniquely South African with a contemporary Protea flower design and have leather inlays and sturdy straps which makes them strong and long-lasting.

The beauty of our fabric carrybags and holdalls is they’re easy to keep clean. Give them a scrub by hand using a soft brush or old terry cloth. Dip the brush or cloth in a mild washing powder mixed with warm water and clean the bag using a light, circular motion. Dry your bag off, keeping out of direct sunlight.


What is a brooch?

A brooch is an accessory that you attach to your clothing with a pin. In the older days it was used to hold clothing together, nowadays it is used to add a spark or colour to your clothes.

Where can I buy handmade clothing and accessories online?

The Marketplace•Shop is a leading online gift shop in South Africa. We offer the best handmade clothing and accessory gifts at affordable prices.

Where can I buy leather handbags?

Look no further, TheMarketplace•Shop offers a wide variety of unique leather handbags. Have a look at our latest selection.  

Where can I sell handmade jewelry?

To sell your handmade jewelry on a leading online craft shop you can contact TheMarketplace•Shop. We sell unique, trendy jewelry such as watches, rings, earrings and pendants.

Where can I sell my handmade clothing and accessories online?

If you are wondering where to sell your handmade clothing and accessories, contact TheMarketplace•Shop to find out more how you can promote your homemade products and gifts on the top online craft shop in South Africa.

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