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There’s nothing quite like a homemade gift made with love for your young baby or toddler. It invokes memories of the cuddly and homely goodies you had as a child, made by your own Mom or Grandmother. These days handmade gifts for children are a rarity, either because there’s little precious time to knit or sew and the cheaper, plastic stuff is usually the easiest to get hold of.

The Marketplace•Shop loves the idea of growing the handmade market because a lot of care and thought goes into making each item, and also because it’s part of our philosophy to support home-based enterprises. The handmade baby and toddler gifts in our range are high quality, one-of-a-kind items that our clients find are far more appealing than mass-produced children’s products.


There are a few reasons to buy handmade baby and kids gifts.

Support local businesses

When you buy a handmade gift, you can be sure to receive a “made with love” product for your child. This is not an item that stood in the queue to get an arm or a face, each item is made with its own identification and with a lot of thought. When you buy handmade products, you are helping to create work and generate much-needed income for creative craftspeople in South Africa, and that in turn strengthens our informal economy.


Environmentally-safe products

Handmade products are more environmentally friendly than mass-produced products. These items use less electricity to produce, they don’t create hazardous waste that goes into rivers, oceans and landfills, and they are made with natural materials which are generally recyclable or biodegradable. We believe this is a far better option for the environment than plastic products and synthetic material.


Safer for babies and toddlers

Products made from natural materials are safer for babies and toddlers. Young children, especially babies, tend to put everything in their mouths and it’s a big worry if what they’re chewing on is made using toxic chemicals.


Handmade baby and toddler toys are made with natural materials that are not harmful to children. The products on The Marketplace•Shop are handpicked by our team to be safe for children so there are no hard corners that cut soft mouths, buttons that can be swallowed or toxic synthetic material used in the bulk of the toy.


Educational benefits

Studies show that sensory stimulation at a young age is good for brain development. Children have special sensitivity that allows them to absorb information and knowledge through their sense of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. It’s one of the reasons babies and toddlers are always putting their toys in their mouths (as well as when they’re teething).


The handmade educational toys available at The Marketplace•Shop are bright, colourful, soft and made using different textured material; such as foam, felt, wool and cotton. These natural materials are perfect for sensory stimulation and are high quality so they’ll stand up to all the touching, chewing and sucking that young children tend to do with their toys.


Personal joy

Knowing that your hard-earned money is going towards a small local business that works hard for their money makes us feel a lot better about our purchases. We all know a friend or family member who has set up a small business making and selling handmade products. Their creative skills are admired and the quality of their products are guaranteed and it’s extremely rewarding to watch as their products become popular, sell well and their businesses thrive.

Over the years, The Marketplace•Shop has watched the small businesses that market their handmade products on our website grown from strength to strength. It gives us immense joy to offer creative and vastly talented craftspeople in South Africa a place where they can showcase their lovely products.




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