About our Company

If you ever aspired to have your own functional website that is so much more than just an e-brochure then hear this. Building a web-store is about setting up credit-card agreements with banks, opening special merchant accounts, giving surety, signing dozens of papers and as an extra bonus, getting the website to talk to the payment gateway in a secure way when all is done. A dozen things go wobbly before you can even start to put beautiful pages on the web. And don’t forget, you must keep up with mobile technology changes else your costly website will soon look tired. Oh, and you must stock the site with lots of products so it looks good and gives your visitor lots of choices and options. If you are an artist then an ever-changing variety of stock for sale is not how you do things.

Or, as they say, you can simply open a store on TheMarketPlace.SHOP, a dedicated web-store for individuals who rather make and sell than taking time out maintaining websites. This website is a gathering of like-minded artists and businesspeople who work for themselves – the cottage industry as it is called.

On this website, visitors find choices and options, products that are not made in China, or in any mass produced factory for that matter. They are local. These products are sold as one but made by many. Web visitors can feast their eyes on so much, browse around, buy items from more than one vendor and then pay only one checkout cart. Each vendor will then pack and ship the items individually.

TheMarketPlace.SHOP provides the platform, maintain it and promote it so vendors can concentrate on doing business as they should.

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